Moving to Round Rock?

Are you moving to Round Rock? Or need the expertise of a real estate agent to help sell or buy a home?

We first learned about REALTOR® Jason Taylor from the fun (and free) community events he sponsors with his team at Teravista Today. Turns out he’s established an exceptional professional reputation as one of the area’s top REALTOR®s and has a deep knowledge of the local real estate market.

As one client said, “Jason’s professionalism, attention to detail and industry knowledge is impressive… Jason walked us through the process and kept us updated from day one until the day we closed. He took care of all of the details and made the entire process stress-free for us. My wife and I enjoyed working with Jason, he is a true professional and a very kind person. We are spoiled now, our REALTOR® standards are very high after working with the best in the industry.” You can read even more testimonies if you aren’t already convinced.

Perhaps one of the things that caught my attention about Jason was the reason he became a real estate agent. He told us, “I was faced with a defining moment in my life that led me to return to my roots and pursue my true passion in real estate. This led to investing in a diverse portfolio in real estate properties…while continuing to donate time to building homes in the desolate colonias of Mexico. I enjoyed it so much, I knew it was my calling to help others achieve their real estate dreams.” You can read more about Jason and his military history on his bio page.

Having also moved to Round Rock with his young family several years ago, Jason knows what it’s like to transition to an unfamiliar town. The Taylor family quickly made friends by attending Round Rock festivals, dining at Round Rock restaurants and serving with their Round Rock-based church. Jason and his family still do those things, but they now also host some of the area’s fun events! As Jason’s wife and marketing manager, Cindy, says, “we believe we landed in Round Rock for a reason, and part of that was to help our clients achieve their real estate goals but also to cultivate a strong sense of community in the neighborhood in which we live and work.”

If you are moving to Round Rock, I would highly recommend checking out Jason’s real estate website and like their Facebook page. If you do connect with Jason and his team, please let him know I sent you his way. Thanks!

Moving to Round Rock

Jason Taylor, REALTOR®
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