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Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock has been open since the early 1990’s and sells fun, educational toys to kids of all ages. Terry Myers, owner, tells us a little about herself, what she loves most about running her own company, and what she enjoys doing in her downtime away from the store.

Terry Myers, owner of Kaleidoscope Toys

Be sure to make Kaleidoscope Toys a stop this August for Signing Storytime that takes place every Monday morning from 10-10:30. It’s listed as an activity on the August Summer Fun Checklist for Kids. Bonus: complete four items on the checklist, get a FREE grab bag while there!

ASF: How long have you lived in Austin? Where are you from originally?

Terry: Born in South Carolina, grew up in Alvin, Tx. In Round Rock 28 years.

ASF: Do you have kids? If so, what are their ages?

Terry: Three boys – 28, 29, 39. Three grandsons – 6, 10, 13

ASF: Why did you decide to open Kaleidoscope Toys? When did you open the store?

Terry: The year was 1989 and garage selling was more than a hobby, I loved the thrill of the find.

It also planted the seed of “What if? What if I bought, cleaned & resold children’s clothing & toys?”. Could that become a viable business venture? I tested the idea with $100 and spent the next 2 years doing just that. Opportunity marked the growth from garage to an old 1900sq ft building in downtown Round Rock, complete with a leaky roof and squirrels in the ceiling. Later, I started contemplating the need to move the store to a more visible location to increase my market share.

The Dell computer complex had arrived and the city was about to explode. People were no longer coming to the downtown area to shop. One morning, a lady from the church up the street walked in. She introduced herself as the “seer” at her church. She told me that she had a dream last night and that “God told me to tell you that whatever it is you’re thinking of doing in your business, to go ahead and do it.” So I did.

Kaleidoscope Toys moved into a 3000 sq ft store, dropping used toys to concentrate on the unique new toys people were searching for. Six years ago, it became the 4900 sq ft specialty toy store where I stayed for 15 years. In January of 2013, we moved to The Market were we remain today.

ASF: What is your favorite part of running your own business?

Terry: My favorite part is the interaction with my customers and being an active part of the community that we live in. Helping customers choose just the right toy or gift for their child, friends & family.  Finding educational aids to help their child – reading, math, developmental skills and more. Providing them a safe fun place to shop and play without having to say “No touching”. Providing year round entertainment and classes. Giving back to my community.
And what’s the biggest challenge? Honestly? Just getting the word out that we are here for you & our community. Spreading the word on the importance & advantage of shopping local. Helping our customers learn & understand the importance of good play for children. Your child’s #1 job is to play; it’s how they learn. The big question is “What do you want them to be learning?” To help them grow mentally and physically, we carry educational toys for both inside and outside play that gets them moving and thinking.

ASF: What special feature would you like the public to know about Kaleidoscope Toys?

Terry: We are more than just a fantastic toy store. We are a resource center. We know children & child development as it pertains to toys & play. We have craft classes, entertainers, storytimes and many other activities throughout the year. Many of our events are “FREE”, meaning admission is food for the serving center.

ASF: What’s your favorite summertime activity?

The store? FUNtivity craft classes. Me myself? Just being outdoors. Swimming, picnicking, hiking, camping

ASF: When you have a day off, what do like to do?

Terry: When I can, I spend time with my family. I just got back from a 4 day camping trip with my oldest son and his family.

Kaleidoscope Toys
110 N. IH-35
Round Rock, Texas

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