5 Reasons Why I Love Living in Round Rock, TX

Just a quick little musing of why I love living in Round Rock, Texas – here are 5 Reasons why:

I had heard it ever since I moved to Texas:

“Austin is the BEST Texas city to live in!”

“Central Texas is the BEST area to raise your kids!”

“If you can live in the Austin area, you will be in the BEST area in Texas!”

At the time, I lived in Dallas and knew very little of Austin other than I would be stuck in I-35 traffic on any day of the week while traveling down to San Antonio.  Oh, and I had been born here.

And when the opportunity came up to take a position with the company I was with in the Austin area, we said “sure – let’s go!”.

I would like to say we choose Round Rock to live because of the wonderful school systems compared to AISD (they are) or all the great amenities the city offers (they do). But what it came down to was a pretty house we fell in love with.

That was 2008.  Since then, I have come to love our community.  So much so, that I have dedicated an entire blog into showing why I love it so…..

1. Location: Round Rock is close enough to all the fun & culture that Austin offers but I can be back in my ‘burb bubble within minutes.  We are right off Interstate 35, which allows me to hop on and make it up to Dallas in less than 3 hours.  And we are a hop, skip, and a jump away from the gorgeous rolling hills of Central Texas where you can find lakes, hiking, camping, ranches, and so on…….

2. Conveniences – Round Rock offers everything that a big city offers minus the headache of the big city.  I often joke, I never go south of I-45 (not true – have you seen my other blog R We There Yet Mom?) – but I truly don’t have to with as much as the Rock offers.  I haven’t stepped foot in a shopping mall in ages, as I do all my shopping up at the Round Rock Outlet Mall.  With several local grocery stores and a Sam’s Club, all your necessity shopping is here too – not to mention a delightful Farmer’s Market in downtown RR!  Car Washes, Banks, Jewelers, Gyms, Daycare, you name it…we have it!

3. Weather – Of course it is easy for me to say that “weather” ranks high my list of reasons why – it’s January and going to be a sunny 70-degree day (how much closer can you get to perfect than that?).  Yes, we may have our hot summers, and yes we may complain a bit about it, but where else can you wear shorts on Christmas Day?  Despite being in Texas, we escape the humidity of South Texas and the bitter cold winters of North Texas.  Hey, a snow day once every 3 years is enough for me!!  Bring on the sunny January!!

4. Awesome Place to Raise Kids – I have 3 kiddos (12, 10, and 3) and I couldn’t ask for a better place to raise them.  First of all, the schools are amazing.  I think we are blessed to live in such a great school district that gives back & offers so much to our kids.  Secondly, there is so much to do for families – Parks (Have you seen the Play for All Abilities Park??),  tons of sports & rec options (we go the soccer & football route), Running Trails, a Minor league Baseball team with an amazing stadium, a diverse arts programs (how many of y’all went to the Chalk Walk?), and fun Special Events (like the ‘RockN Lights over the Holidays).

5. Tons of GREAT Places to Eat! – Well, I never said this was going to be a “professional list” and this Round Rock momma loves great food.  Round Rock has it’s fair share of chains (Chuys anyone?) to pick from to satisfy anyone’s taste, but lately we have been wanting to try some of the locally owned restaurants.  We have been overwhelmed at all the amazing places there are to eat here!  IIn the last year we have had some amazing new places open…..Homefield Grill, Jack Allen’s, Krave, Round Rock Cafe, Westside Alehouse…..to name a few.  We will never go hungry here.

There are about a billion more reasons why I love living here.  (And no, I’m NOT being paid to say that).  Stay tuned here on the blog to hear more!

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  • February 26, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Your blog was helpful! I may be moving there.


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