3 Star Candy Shop


A new & fun family business is now open in Downtown Round Rock, one that my kids are thrilled is there, and I suspect yours may be too……


3 Star Candy & Soda Shop sells homemade & bottled sodas, bulk candy, nostalgic candy, homemade chocolates, ice cream floats and more.  Owners Elvis & Anna wanted to bring a different family store to Downtown Round Rock and they succeeded!  For now, the store is open, but plans are in the works to build a patio int eh back with pingpong tables and picnic tables. They want to encourage you to stay, relax and enjoy time with your family!  Love that!


3 Star Candy Shop sells almost 200 flavors of soda – with 49 root beers &  27 cream sodas.  They also make fresh, homemade sodas with over 50 different flavors to choose from – cotton candy or bubble gum anyone??  Elvis was really selling me on the fresh pineapple mint soda – tastes like a mojito with fresh pineapple! YUM! They also make ice cream floats, using the BEST – Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream!


With a HUGE selection of bulk candy, kids can fill a bag with whatever they want.  They also have a great selection of nostalgic candy, international treats, and some other “interesting choices.” I’m sure the Thanksgiving Meal or Bacon gum could make a fun gag gift?


3 Star Candy Shop is open 7 days a week and they stay open later on weekends, depending on the crowds in Downtown.   And check out this fun for kids: Happy hour for kids is 3 pm to close EVERY DAY (yes, even weekends)! Kids can make  fun sodas for only $1.00!  If that’s not reason to go check it out, I don’t know what is!!


In all seriousness, it’s businesses like these that make Round Rock UNIQUE.  The owners are a Round Rock family that saw a need and worked hard to achieve their dream.  It’s up to us to support it.  It’s new and exciting now, but please remember to continue to support 3 Star Candy Shop.  Instead of pulling through the Sonic or 7-Eleven for a drink in the afternoon, take the kids to make their own drink in Downtown Round Rock!!  And when it comes to a fun gift, grab a gift certificate and a bag of candy.  Or if you just have a sweet tooth one afternoon, go pick up one of 200+ choices of unique sodas!!

Personally, I get excited to see someplace fun like this open in Round Rock – our family will do out best to support it, will you??

3 Star Candy Shop
113 E. Main Street
Round Rock, TX
OPEN: Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 7:00 pm (later on weekends)

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/3-Star-Candy-Shop

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