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There are lots of great sandwich shops to choose from here in Round Rock. Sub sandwiches are one of my family’s favorite “go-to” meals.  One that we really enjoy is Firehouse Subs.  They have something that everyone likes.  And after hearing their history, humble beginnings and how much they give back to local communities, I like them even more.
Last month, Firehouse Subs invited me to a local event, where I met Robin Sorensen, one of the founders and tasted some of their best-sellers.
They actually have a pretty interesting history.  Started in 1994 by two brothers, both firefighters, who wanted to start a sub shop.  They came from a family of firefighters and loved the fellowship, camaraderie, and the food.  They were simply consumers, not chefs and certainly not trained to start a business from the ground up.  But look at them now, with restaurants in 35 states and looking to go internationally soon.
In the beginning, it was all about making the subs better than the competition.  So they worked hard to use only the best quality meats, cheese, breads, and even the pickles.  And you honestly can taste the difference.  For example, the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket happens to use hickory smoked beef from Sadler’s BBQ in Henderson, Texas.  They searched high & low to find the best brisket to use in this sandwich (also the most expensive in the store) to make this amazing best-seller.  And y’all, it may have replaced my favorite Hook & Ladder – if you have not tried this sandwich yet, it is a MUST the next time!
What sets Firehouse Subs apart from other sub sandwiches is the steaming.  Sounds a little crazy to steam a sandwich, I know, but it honestly makes the sandwich.  Steaming is the opposite of microwaving, putting moisture into the sandwich, allowing all the flavors to come out.  For example, as we tasted the Italian (the #2 seller), you could smell and taste all the oregano because of the steam.
My kids totally dig the fun Coca-Cola machine, where there are tons of different options to add your sodas and waters (cherry-vanilla diet coke anyone?).  In addition to the fun machine, Firehouse Subs & Coca-Cola partnered to develop the Cherry-Lime-aid fountain drink as well, only available at Firehouse Subs.
Our local Firehouse Subs stores here in Round Rock are owned by Jennifer Sellers.  An accountant by trade, she always wanted to own her own business.  After falling in love with the sandwiches at a Firehouse Subs in Dallas, she and her husband jumped on the opportunity to own one here.  And by October 2008, they had 2 locations here in Round Rock.

One of the things I learned that night that impressed me the most, above all the yummy sandwiches, was the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, an amazing way Firehouse Subs give back to local communities.   This foundation provides first responders and public safety organizations with life-saving equipment, training, tools, and disaster relief (providing food).  The day Robin was in Austin, they were making a donation of 10 wildfire fire suits to the Cedar Park Fire Department.  Over the last 5 years, the foundation has made over 495 donations equaling over $5.7 million to police, fire departments, and schools.  Amazing.

About 60% of all donations are raised by the individual franchises too.  Donation Canisters are at each register for your loose change.  You can also round up your cash or credit purchase to the next dollar.  And you can purchase an empty, five-gallon pickle bucket for only $2 – what a great way to recycle the buckets and donate to a good cause!

Locally, Firehouse Subs and Sellers were able to provide the Round Rock Fire Department with over $12,500 worth of life-saving equipment.  Our local stores also have a strong community commitment – they love to give back to local schools, bands, sports teams, and more by hosting “community fun” nights.  The Sellers family is from Round Rock and giving back to the community is very important to them.

Learning more about Firehouse Subs last month and meeting with our local owners, endeared me to them.  I think differently, knowing the quality of the sandwich I am eating (and feeding my family).  I respect the stores so much more now, seeing how much they give back to our local public safety communities.  I loved hearing the Sorenson Brothers’ story and am proud of how successful they have become.

But it wasn’t just about letting me taste all their yummy food…..Firehouse Subs wanted me to “share the love” to you as well, providing me with gift cards to give out to some readers!!

Want to win a $10 gift card to Firehouse Subs?  I have TWO up for grabs!

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6 thoughts on “Firehouse Subs

  • March 25, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    I will have to try the Beef and Cheddar sandwich. We love their meatball subs. Yummy!

  • March 25, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    I love their Italian sandwiches and always order them, but I want to try the New York Steamer one of these days.

  • March 29, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Any business that supports First Responders is a business I want to support!


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