Kaleidoscope Toys

One of the BEST places to buy toys here in Round Rock is at Kaleidoscope Toys.  And here’s why I am a bit biased as to I love them so:

As a mother of 3, I shop for a lot of birthday presents – and I’m not just talking about my kiddos!  If you have a child under the age of 10, you inevitably get invited to many birthday parties.  Birthday parties are fun, a great way to be social, and a part of childhood.  But for me, the difficulty always lies in “what should I get the birthday boy/girl?

Luckily, I discovered an amazing toy store that answers that question easily for me.  Kaleidoscope Toys, located in Round Rock, has the most unique selection of toys to choose from.  I have no problem quickly finding a build-your-own robot, science kits, LEGO toy, or game – perfect for any kiddo.  And the very best part of it all?  If it’s a gift – they wrap it up for you! This may not be a big deal, but for me (who lacks present-wrapping-creativity- and-skills), it’s HUGE!

Now, I know I might start sounding like I work for them.  I don’t – I just really love this store and want to tell y’all all about it.

Twenty-three years ago, Kaleidoscope Toys opened it’s doors in Round Rock, featuring premier games, toys and more.  Rather than stock the store with the same old stuff you will find at the big box retailers, owner, Terry Myers hunts for unique, educational toys that capture children’s interest.  At Kaleidoscope Toys, you will find toys for every age group – even some pretty awesome games adults will love.

Kaleidoscope Toys is more than a toy store.  They bring in educational programs for the community on a regular basis.  This month, they have Storytime & Craft (every Monday at 10:30 am) and Tiny Tales to You Petting Zoo (every Wednesday and select Sundays).  In addition to that, they host fun events year round like “An Introduction to Love & Logic – Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!” or the 100-City Brain Quest Challenge Tour!  Pre-registration is required for most events – please check the calendar for more information.

The Kaleidoscope Toys Friends Club is another example of how they partner with the community.  Inviting families to join, they will send each immediate family member (turning 2 or older) a birthday card with a $10 gift certificate for the store on the week of their birthday.  My kids LOVE this!  You will also receive special promotions & coupons,  sneak previews of new items, and random gifts & freebies.  Membership in the Friends Club automatically enrolls you in the Birthday Club to receive your gift certificate.  It doesn’t cost a thing to join – so stop right here and go sign up!

But honestly, the thing I love the most about Kaleidoscope Toys is how friendly & helpful everyone is at the store.  It has a hometown, community feel – where you are greeted right as you walk in the door.  As I mentioned previously, the selection is better than most local stores and the prices are relatively the same.  Most of the toys I have bought from here are long lasting and still my kids favorites.  We have a spring swing in our backyard tree that we purchased over 4 years that still gets played on weekly.  When the shopping experience is so personal and enjoyable, I don’t want to get my toys anywhere else.

With the holidays fast approaching, I encourage you to go local and give Kaleidoscope Toys a try!

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