Holistic Life Wellness Fair

The Holistic Life Wellness Fair is this Saturday, October 22nd, at Round Rock Sports Center.

“It got started with a suggestion by one of my writers K.LaFleur-Anders that we could do a ‘true health Fair’ introducing people to alternatives to health care. We both believe that it is each person’s responsibility to take initiative and take steps to be healthy. That could be diet, exercise, mental wellness, or a combination of all three,” stated co-founder Deborah Price of Wilco-Wellness.

“It is very difficult finding alternative holistic services- people are not educated on what that means. Who do you look for and where? This health fair is an opportunity for people to come out and meet just a smidgeon of the clinicians available to provide healthy answers. No pills, no magic fix. Learn what options are available, meet people with a variety of specialties, and get started on a healthy lifestyle journey.”

All the vendors have provided a gift for a raffle to support BAckPAck friends of Austin; feeding Round Rock kids on the weekends and after school. 

The raffle gifts include tickets to the San Antonio Spurs, free massages, free nutrition consults, and more! Most of the raffle gifts are valued at $100 or more! 

There will also be food available and something for the kids to do – scan QR code or go to https://www.wilcowellness.org/holistic-life-wellness-fair/  for all the information

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