Rockin’ Kids Club at the Library: Science featuring Camouflage | September 23, 2019

Image shows a brown lizard sitting on brown dirt, leaves, and twigs. Photo by Robert Koorenny on Unsplash.

This week, the Good Water Master Naturalists are joining us on September 23, 2019 from 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm for hands-on activities exploring the role of camouflage in nature.  It’s science week at Round Rock Public Library! Elementary students, join us for some hands-on time to be curious and make discoveries. 

Every Monday afternoon the library hosts a rotating schedule of activities. In September, we will run one week later than our usual schedule because of the Labor Day holiday. Here’s the regular rotation:

  • 1st Monday: LEGO® free-build
  • 2nd Monday: Art Club
  • 3rd Monday: Science Club
  • 4th Monday: Game On!
  • 5th Monday: Librarian’s Choice

For more information or to pre-register a group: Contact Andrea Warkentin, 512-218-3275.

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