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Safe Range, a Virtual Shooting & Archery Range, is creating new and original date nights for those of us tired of dinner and a movie.  Ok, yes, it’s much more than just date night, but when I shot a few rounds in the virtual shooting range when I visited with them this week, all I could think of was how much I wanted to bring my husband back – we’re a little competitive like that. 

Safe Range

Safe Range: Virtual Shooting

We love it when new businesses come to Round Rock – especially unique and cool ones like Safe Range. Like I mentioned, they offer virtual shooting with real guns modified for simulation – no live ammo is used so it is very safe.  No guns are actually allowed on the premises.

Safe Range

They have several rooms where you can choose different games, ranges, and scenarios – from entertainment to training and practice. Safe range uses cutting edge technology – I was very impressed with all the different options you have to choose from.  You can build your own target practice, visit a Wild West Town and even hunt for zombies.  You control what you want to shoot at – it’s very modern and easy to use.

Safe Range

Rooms can accommodate up to 8 people and you have 45 minutes to shoot.

Safe Range: Virtual Archery

Safe Range provides a unique archery simulation for beginners to novice.  You can bring your own bow in to practice with or use the ones they provide.  What makes this unique are the 2 bays that you can practice in.  You are shooting into a trampoline with a projection on it and the arrows have flatten tips at the end.  Again, safety is paramount to Safe Range.

Safe Range

You can choose to shoot towards a target or play one of many hunting scenarios for practice.  The bays can simulate wind sheer and snow to up the degree of difficulty.  This is a grew place for bow hunters to practice off season.

They also offer a Pro Shop for any adjustments or repairs needed on your bows.

Safe Range: Lessons

Safe Range offers a variety of lessons, from beginner to novice.  This is a great place for kids who want to learn the sport of Archery.  The Safe Range  instructors are level 1, 2 or 3 certified by USA Archery, NFAA or National Archery in the School Program.

Safe Range also offers fire arm training.  You can get your LTC (formally CHL) here as well.

Safe Range

Safe Range: Parties, Groups, Fundraisers

Safe Range has a large events room to accommodate parties, corporate events, & fundraisers. It seems like a great place to host a kids’ birthday party or team building event.  Or even just to get a group of friends together for the evening.  I know they are very interested in hosting fundraisers there as well.

Safe Range: A Few Things to Know

  • Again, no guns are allowed, which means you cannot bring your own guns to shoot.
  • Safe Range does not sell guns or ammo
  • There is no age restriction, as it’s up to the parents’ discretion, but keep in mind, the guns are build for adult hands and some of the scenes that can be used are real shooting scenarios
  • You can bring your own bows & arrows to use in the Archery range
  • Ladies Night is each Thursday, offering 25% off and it’s BYOB
  • Safe Range offers discounted shooting during the morning/early afternoon hours

Safe Range

I was excited to hear about Safe Range opening in Round Rock, but it wasn’t until I got a tour, was shown some of the shooting scenarios, and tried my hand at a few, that I realized how fun of a place it was.  Go check it out Round Rock.  Support this new local business and help spread the word about it.

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