Where to Volunteer in Round Rock

April hosts National Volunteer Week (April 18-24), therefore we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight where to volunteer in Round Rock & North Austin.  One of our good fortunes, here in Round Rock and the surrounding areas, are the many opportunities we have to give back to our community.

Where to Volunteer in Round Rock

Where to Volunteer in Round Rock

Round Rock Area Serving Center
1099 E Main Street
Round Rock, TX

Year round volunteer opportunities can be found at https://www.rrasc.org/,

Operation Blue Santa

This organization provides meals and toys on Christmas for families in need.  Round Rock and several surrounding towns have an Operation Blue Santa program, generally sponsored by their local police department. In Round Rock, the program is sponsored by the Round Rock Police Department, Fire Department and Parks, and Recreation Department.  In Taylor, Red Santa is sponsored by the Taylor Fire Department.  Below is contact information for each of the various programs.

Round Rock – https://www.roundrocktexas.gov/departments/police/community-programs/round-rock-operation-blue-santa/ or (512)218-6655

Pflugerville –  https://police.pflugervilletx.gov/community-programs/blue-santa or (512) 990-6838 

Georgetown –  https://bluesanta.georgetown.org or (512) 930-3510

Cedar Park – http://www.cedarparktexas.gov/departments/police-department/blue-santa-program or (512) 260-4646

Leander – http://www.leandertx.gov/police/page/blue-santa-program

Taylor – http://www.ci.taylor.tx.us/1052/Red-Santa

Texas State Guard Toy Drive

The Texas State Guard – Young Heroes of the Guard toy drive was started in 2009. The first year, we collected 2,444 toys, and since then, the toy drive has collected more than 450,000 toys. Our mission is to deliver a year’s worth of toys to all the children’s hospitals and women’s shelters in the state of Texas. More information can be found at https://www.txsgtoydrive.com/

Brown Santa

This organization “provides assistance to families in Williamson County living outside the geographical city limits of any town or city within Williamson County that does not provide a similar program.”  Information on Brown Santa can be found at https://www.wilco.org/brownsanta.

Texas Baptist Children’s Home

Texas Baptist Children’s Home counts on friends, volunteers, donors, and other supporters to help provide those who are most vulnerable with the support and structure that they need. By volunteering, you are donating your time to help meet a tangible need that directly impacts the lives of the children and families we serve. Whether you are coordinating a food drive or painting walls in a cottage, you are making a difference! For more information about volunteering, please email one of our Volunteer Coordinators Brenda Gilbert (512-246-4244) or Libbie Seaton (512-246-4234). Some volunteer assignments may require background checks, particularly those that will place volunteers in close proximity to children in care.  Find out more


Giving back to others with STARRY can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done. We really appreciate our volunteers who help improve the quality of life for all of the children in care at STARRY. For instance, there are many ways you can help by giving your time as a volunteer, helping provide items on our Current Needs list, participating in a special event, or supporting us financially. For more information, or to donate items please email the Volunteer Office or call 512-246-4283.  Some volunteer assignments may require background checks, particularly those that will place volunteers in close proximity to children in care.  Find out more

Year Round Volunteer Opportunities

Twelve of these are listed below along with contact information.  If you don’t see exactly what you are interested in, there are two websites – www.volunteermatch.org and www.volrock.org, that can help you look for other volunteer opportunities in our communities.

Round Rock Serving Center – https://www.rrasc.org

Habitat for Humanity – https://williamsonhabitat.org/build-with-us/

Hope Alliance – https://www.hopealliancetx.org/how-to-help/volunteer/

Age of Central Texas – http://www.ageofcentraltx.org/

Senior Access (formerly Drive a Senior) – https://driveasenior.org/

The Caring Place – https://www.caringplacetx.org/how-to-help/get-involved-overview.html

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter – http://pets.wilco.org/

Texas Humane Heroes – http://pets.wilco.org/How-to-Help

Williamson County Museum – http://williamsonmuseum.org/support/

Good luck finding the right volunteer opportunity for you and your family.  There are so many places to volunteer in Round Rock!

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