Best of Round Rock

The results are in for the 7th Annual Best of Round Rock which are a result of the Best of Round Rock from 2019.  Thank you to everyone for voting. We had over 70,000 votes this year!!

Best of Round Rock

Best of Round Rock Voting Process

The Best of Round Rock is an annual anonymous vote put together by Round the Rock TX and the City of Round Rock. Nominations were asked for and collected in January 2020 on the Round the Rock TX website. From the over 5000 nominations, the top 5 nominees from each category were added to the vote. Voters had three weeks in January & February to vote. Voters were only allowed one opportunity to cast their vote (no multiple votes were allowed/were deleted). Thank you to everyone who participated. We appreciate your votes.






It’s so great to live in a vibrant city where we can celebrate the best of everything. Regardless of how the voting ended up, I think we can all agree that we are blessed to have so many amazing shops, restaurants, activities, family events, and more that create such a fun city to live in.  I know we are thankful for all the hard-working people in Round Rock who have created these businesses and events.  Make sure you thank them the next time you see them.

One thought on “Best of Round Rock

  • March 27, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    So cool to see local businesses getting their deserved attention, but really, Starbucks for best coffee? That is just sad.


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