RRISD Future Readiness Parent Seminar: Learn How To Manage Stress and Recharge Yourself | April 24, 2019

Round Rock ISD is hosting a Future Readiness Parent Seminar entitled “Learn How To Manage Stress and Recharge Yourself” for parents with their 8th – 12th graders on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the RRISD Tool Box at Round Rock High School at 700 N. Lake Creek Drive. Advance registration is required.

Schools across the nation are witnessing the benefits of providing staff and students with tools to improve mental clarity and focus, increase self-regulation and manage stress and emotions. Experience an introduction to physiological and reflective processes that make one better able to perform well in complex situations and under high demand with greater personal capacity and increased collaboration and innovation. Take care of yourself first with greater self-management under stress, increased resilience and the ability to mentally detach and recharge throughout your day. Free to attend. Registration required.

REGISTER: https://roundrockisd.facilitywerks.com/offerings.html?selected=157049&program_id=3330&category_id=12318

Location: Round Rock High School, 300 N Lake Creek Dr. in Round Rock in the 200 building cafeteria (Tool Box)

Audience: Parents/Guardians and student(s) grades 8 -12

Presenter: YES! for Schools

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