10 Fun Valentine’s Gifts from Round Rock

WIth Valentine’s Day almost a week away, it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to get your sweetie this year.  And you don’t have to settle for a drug store box of chocolates or over-priced roses…not with these fun ideas you can get from right here in Round Rock!

Here are 10 Fun Valentine’s Gifts from Round Rock:

1. Round Rock Express K-9 Valentine Delivery:  On February 13th and 14th, the Express Street Team and their mascot, Spike, will be driving all throughout the Round Rock area delivering K-9 Valentine Packages. The packages are the Express Date Package, Junior Sluggers, Sweetie Pie Package and the Stud Muffin Package (as seen above). Spike will hand deliver your date a package at their home or workplace and completely surprise them with an awesome gift. The Express will be taking order for these packages until February 8th! Click here for more details.

2. Custom-labeled bottle of wine from Water 2 Wine: Create your own Valentine’s message on a bottle of wine.  Head into Water 2 Wine to taste and pick out a bottle to label.  You can pick from label templates or design your own (24 hours needed).  Click here for more details.

3. Spa Gift Certificates: You don’t have to go down to Austin to have a relaxing massage or facial.  There are lots of great choices here —-> Try A-Zany-Do & Day Spa , BreeZe Salon, or Halina European Day Spa and Salon for a gift certificate for a day of pampering for your lady!

4. Valentine’s Day Apples & Pretzels from Sweet Love & Sugar Britches: The cutest boutique in town has tons of ideas to get your lady – from boots, to candles, to jewelry, to adorable tees – why not pick up some of these yummy caramel & chocolate coated apples and a Sweet Love & Sugar Britches gift certificate for her to shop??

5. Something new for your Garden from Round Rock Gardens:  The weather has been gorgeous here lately, which encourages guilts us to get out and clear the front gardens.  Why not pick up a beautiful new flower, shrub, or even tree to plant in honor of your love?  Round Rock Gardens can help you pick just the right one for you.

6. Golf Lessons at Forest Creek Golf Club: If you have a loved one who loves the game, why not support it with a lesson or two? Forest Creek Golf Club has a variety of instruction to choose from – Ladies 101 to private lessons.

7. A Game from Kaleidoscope Toys: Pick up something fun that gets you laughing in a friendly game of competition!  One of our favorite games we like is Yikerz. Yikerz is a game of magnet mayhem. Place your Yikerz pieces down on the board and try to avoid attracting the other pieces already played. And that’s just one example of many games Kaleidoscope Toys has that is fun for all ages!  

8. Flix Brewhouse Gift Cards: We love to go to the movies sans kids (which gets harder and harder to do these days).  If you & your sweetie like movies, plan a fun date night at Flix Brewhouse – signature beers, dinner, and a movie!  Don’t forget to book the babysitter too!

9. A Favorite Author from The Book Spot: Pick up a new book for that book-lover at our favorite Round Rock book store, The Book Spot.  I was just in there last week and they had a whole section of newly released books ready to make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

10. A Picnic in the Park: Who says you have to “buy” something to give a memorable gift?  It’s as simple as packing a picnic lunch (bread, cheese, and wine is perfect!) and heading to your favorite park for a simple, relaxing lunch.  Throw some activity there and bring your bikes.  Round Rock has over 15 miles of built hike & bike trails.

So there you go Round Rockers!  Ten very easy but fun ideas for your sweetie (ladies, feel free to share this with your man….to give him a few ideas…..)

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