Ghostbusters-themed Halloween Display in Round Rock

Who ya gonna call???

Who’s a fan of the 80’s hit movies, Ghostbusters?? We are!! And we were so excited to see this Ghostbusters-themed house in East Round Rock and their display for Halloween!

photo credit: Jay Culinowski

The Culinowski family are fans of Ghostbusters and began crafting this display while home with the family during COVID. You can follow the work they did on their Instagram channel.

photo credit: Jay Culinowski

They cut out a windshield of the Ecto 1 (below) for anyone who would like to snap a photo. They do ask you be careful of the wood bracing it up.

photo credit: Jay Culinowski

“My brothers and I have been in love with ghostbusters since we were kids and it was the one thing we didn’t argue over. Once we had kids, the 80s ghostbusters cartoon became a weekend tradition for us all and a great bonding experience. A few years ago I wanted to do a Halloween project the kids could help me with and also not be afraid of. We drew out some ideas and had a lot of input from people on Instagram. I bought some plywood and painted it and it all went from there. We tried to document the process on Instagram so people could copy us if they were also into ghostbusters. When COVID hit and we were sitting around the house, it was a great way to do “craft time”. We plan on adding each year to it based on the suggestions we get on Instagram. All of the kind words and messages have been awesome. We didn’t know that many people were into ghostbusters but it’s been a really cool experience.”

Jay Culinowski
photo credit: Jay Culinowski

The house can be found at 1334 Rainbow Parke Dr. Round Rock, TX near the Ryan’s Crossing neighborhood. They turn the display on each night a 7PM and leave it on until the morning. You can see this display until November 1.

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