Halloween Candy BuyBack Programs: November 1-6, 2016

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Several businesses in Round Rock are offering to buy your children’s candy back this week – November 1 -6, 2016 – and send it to troops over seas.  Take a look at the ones we found in Round Rock:

Kaleidoscope Toys

November 1 – November 6, 2016
Kaleidsocope Toys is collecting your excess Halloween Candy to send to the Troops over seas.

How it works:

  • Children bring us their excess Halloween candy that they collect on Halloween Night
  • We will pay the children $1.00 in KaleidoBucks for every lb. of candy donated up 1o 10 pounds
  • KaleidoBucks are worth $1.00 each on any purchase in the store
  • All candy is then sent to Operation Gratitute to distribute to the Troops

All candy must be:

  • Newly collected from Trick or Treat 2016 (No older candy from past Holidays)
  • Wrapped & unopened
  • Please! DO NOT buy candy at the 1/2 price sales as this candy is usually old. We don’t want to risk sending old candy to our troops.
  • We especially encourage the children to write cards and letters to the troops that can be included with your candy in the packages

Paramount Dental 

Paramount Dental is hosting a Halloween Candy Raffle at their office on November 1-4, 2016 during office hours. For every pound of unopened candy you bring into their office, you will receive a raffle ticket. This will enter you in their drawing for 1 of 3 BIG prizes.

Paramount Dental
2201 Double Creek Drive
Suite 2001
Round Rock, TX 78664

Click here for a full list of all Halloween Candy BuyBack Programs happening in the Greater Austin Area.

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