Introducing Giverrang

With Round the Rock’s long-standing commitment to honor and promote local businesses, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Giverrang! Giverrang is a gift card company that focuses on independent, family-owned businesses in cities all over the USA, and Round Rock is one of them! Giverrang gift cards can only be used at specific local businesses in Round Rock and are blocked from being used at big chains.

Giverrang reports that when you spend money with a big chain that 43% of that money stays “local” in the form of salaries to employees, rents, vendors, etc. But when you spend money with a local, independent business, that number shoots up to 68%! So if you love our city and want to support local businesses, buying Giverrang gift cards is a great way to do it. And when we spend more at local businesses, it helps our neighbors and brings additional tax revenue into our city as well.

The gift cards can be used at a wide variety of businesses in Round Rock and make great gifts for friends or family, or even rewards to employees. If you click on this link, it will take you to our partner page with Giverrang and give you the option to pick a gift card value that works for you.

Check it out here…

These gift cards do have a small upcharge on them above the face value, much like a Visa gift card does when you buy one from a grocery store. Since Giverrang is not a retailer (like an Amazon or Target), the only way that they can do this profitably is to charge a transaction fee for the giftcard.

Note: As a Giverrang partner, Round the Rock will collect a small commission on qualified purchases. See site disclosures.

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