Salata: New Salad Bar in Round Rock

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

I am a fan of a good salad and I have been anxious to try the new salad bar in Round Rock Salata on University Blvd for a while now.  However, being that it was summer when they opened and my kids just don’t eat salad (believe me, I wish they did), I didn’t make time to try it out untilschool was back in session.

And did I like Salata? Yes! Here’s why:

Salata has Many Choices

Salata’s marketing slogan is the “next generation salad bar” and it is nothing like a Souper Salad. “Salad Makers” behind the bar make the salad for you based on your choosing of ingredients.  You can choose to make different sizes of salads or a wrap and put as much veggies, cheese, & dressing in as you would like.  However, the protein is an additional charge – you can choose from Chicken (Herb Marinated Grilled, Pesto, Spicy Chipotle, Asian BBQ) or Seafood (Herb Marinated or Spicy Shrimp, Baked Salmon, Crab, Seafood mix).  The dressing gets shaken in and your unique salad (or wrap) is made.

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

There are so many choices, that you can have a completely different salad every day for more than a month.  And that is the one thing that makes it hard for me.  If you love to experiment with new tastes, this is the perfect place for you.  I typically know what I like on a salad, so I don’t mess it up by adding blue cheese to my Italian vinaigrette.  But one unique ingredient could make the whole salad taste wrong – keep that in mind when creating your salad.

Salata is Clean

Salata was pristine.  I have been to other salad bars where ingredients are mixed together or spilled on the counters, but not here. In fact, I am very attentive with ingredients as I have a food allergy and I noted that nothing was out of place.  However, the staff picks up each ingredient with gloved hands, so make sure they have new gloves on when they are making your salad.  And the staff was very attentive to clean the tables to accommodate a rush with the lunch crowd.

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

Salata is Fun

I visited Salata with my parents and each of us enjoyed what we ordered.  We liked the concept of making our own salads with some more finer ingredients (sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, quinoa). And the quantity is perfect for lunch (small size salad was great) and to take some home (get the larger size for $1 more).  I think it is a different type of salad bar than you are used to here in Round Rock – and a much healthier one.

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

Nutritional information is available online, if you are counting calories or fat, but you can tell that the quality of ingredients is a step above most salad bar restaurants.

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

It is a bit pricer for a salad than you would expect to pay – It was $11 for a large salad with grilled chicken and a water for me.  However, I didn’t mind paying that because I found the salad was delicious.

If you are a fan of salad or wraps, you should definitely give this place a try.   I just love having more unique lunch choices in Round Rock.

New Salad Bar in Round Rock Salata

Salata is located at 200 University Blvd Ste 420 Round Rock, TX 78665 and they are open Monday – Saturday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm.

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3 thoughts on “Salata: New Salad Bar in Round Rock

  • September 11, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Went there today… yes it is pricey for salad but the ingredients were definitely more upscale than what you can get on a regular salad bar! I have nothing negative to say except one thing…leave the kids at home. The only child-friendly option they offer is a smaller salad. Go with your girlfriend for lunch and fill up on good stuff! The peach tea was good too.

  • September 12, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Rebecca, I work with Salata and appreciate the great review! You mentioned you had a food allergy — just wanted you to know that Salata’s staff is well-trained in allergens and all its restaurants are certified gluten-free – meaning no cross contact with gluten/non-gluten ingredients. Next time, just let the staff know and they’ll be extra careful!

  • October 13, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for this review! I am hesitant to eat at salad bar type places because of the hygiene of those serving themselves and allergy issues. I am excited to try this place now.


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