Round Rock’s Historic Stagecoach Inn in Danger of Being Demolished

Round Rock’s historic Stagecoach Inn is in danger of being demolished.  The Round Rock Stagecoach Inn is located at 901 Round Rock Avenue.  Road improvements necessitate moving the Inn or demolishing it.  The City of Round Rock is asking the public to help fund the relocation of the inn.  If the City finds it too costly to relocate the Inn, the City will demolish the Inn.

Round Rock's Historic Stagecoach Inn in Danger of Being Demolished
Only a few Stagecoach Inns from the 1850s have survived in Texas over the years.  Round Rock’s Stagecoach Inn could be the first stage coach stop in Texas (as noted on an early-day postcard).  The Inn could also be the oldest building in Round Rock.

In April 2016, Round Rock Preservation (a nonprofit charity) was formed to protect and preserve historic buildings & sites in Round Rock.  RR Preservation is partnering with the City of Round Rock by conducting a city-wide fundraising campaign to raise funds to relocate the Inn.   The Structural Mover’s costs are about $200,000.

The Road Safety Project is scheduled to begin construction late next year; so we must act quickly to raise the needed funds to relocate the inn.  You can be a part of saving the RR Stagecoach Inn by making a donation ($1.00 and up).  

Visit the website at and make a donation on-line.  Mail a donation to Round Rock Preservation, PO Box 369, Round Rock TX 78680-0369.  Go on-line to to make a donation.  

For further details, check out the group Facebook page:  Save the Round Rock, TX Old Stage Coach Inn or e-mail Round Rock Preservation at    


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