Slap Box Pizzicheria | Downtown Round Rock

We tried the new Slap Box Pizzicheria in Downtown Round Rock last weekend and we loved it.  Read on to hear more of our thoughts:

Slap Box Pizzicheria

There’s a new pizza contender in town that just opened on Main Street last week.  From the owners of 600 Degrees Pizzeria and Drafthouse in Georgetown, Slap Box Pizzicheria is bringing the same great recipes to Round Rock. Located at 201 E. Main Street, right next to Prete Plaza, the pizza joint was hopping on Saturday night.

Slap Box Pizzicheria

The decor is fun and the seating is plenty – you can choose from booths or open tables. The atmosphere is very family friendly and there is a whole kid’s section on the menu. 
Slap Box Pizzicheria

There was already a wait – which was to be expected on opening weekend – but we didn’t mind, as we moved to the bar to choose from over 50 beers on tap, most of them local brews.

Slap Box Pizzicheria

Slap Box Pizzicheria: The Menu

Slap Box Pizzicheria offers many of the same dishes that you can find up in Georgetown  (that same secret pizza sauce) with the addition of a few different signature pies.  You can order pizza by the slice (which is HUGE) or a whole pie.  You can try one of their many signature pies or create your own.

Slap Box Pizzicheria

We found the salads to be fresh & big enough for two.  The caesar salad was delicious – probably because it didn’t have that anchovy-taste to the dressing, which I personally can’t stand.  But it was the perfect starter to our meal – cause you know you have to get some greens in before diving into that pizza!

Pork Shanks from Slap Box Pizzicheria

We also tried the Pork Shanks, which were delicious. They literally are a tender hunk of pork  that barely sticks to the bone, that melts in your mouth.  We tried it with the house made Roasted Garlic BBQ sauce which added even more to the flavor.

They also offer wings with 9 different flavorings and the famous garlic knots as starters.

Pizza from Slap Box Pizzicheria

Slap Box Pizzicheria: The Pizza

I have a confession.  I’ve never tried 600 Degrees in Georgetown. As much as we always said we wanted to go, we just never did.  So, I went into this meal with no expectations.  And I’m glad I did cause it was good.  It definitely lived up to the hype.

One of our family favorite’s in Austin is Home Slice Pizza on South Congress, but we don’t get it often because let’s face it, it’s a haul to get there. This pizza was the closest thing we have had to Home Slice……..and my husband goes so far to say he liked it even better.

Pizza from Slap Box Pizzicheria

We really liked the thin crust with the doughy outer ring.  We chose to make our own – we’re kinda boring like that – and had the pepperoni & canadian bacon.  The pepperonis are huge with lots of flavor, kinda left me wanting a little more bacon to even it out, but honestly, I was so caught up in the crust, I didn’t care.

I am anxious to go back to try some of the signature pies. I want to try the North Shore (Canadian bacon, green onion, real bacon, juicy chunks of pineapple with parmaesan-reggiano cheese) and the Georgetown (roma tomatoes, portabella mushroom, smoked gouda, on a bed of baby leaf spinach and their house basil pesto).  We got a chuckle out of the Royale w/ Cheese (seasoned hamburger, fresh cut red onion, real bacon with sharp Tillamook cheddar cheese and you can add pickles & mustard) – let me know if you have tried it.

And you can always go for the Baker’s Choice – let them create a pie for you! FULL MENU HERE

Slap Box Pizzicheria

We are excited to see more fun restaurants like Slap Box Pizzicheria come to Downtown Round Rock and hopefully bring more families downtown for lunch & dinner.  After dinner, we walked the plaza and admired all the Holiday Lights along with several other families – it was such a great community atmosphere.

Slap Box Pizzicheria is open for business and you can even call your order in for a pickup.

Slap Box Pizzicheria
201 E Main Street
Round Rock, TX

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