Thankful to Live in Round Rock ~ Day 6: The Round Rock

We are so very blessed to live in such a great city – Round Rock is unique in that it’s big enough to have everything that we need, but still has that small town feel.  Many of you know, I started Round the Rock because I wanted everyone to know and take advantage of all the fun things there are to do here in the Rock.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to reflect on 30 things that make me Thankful to live in Round Rock.

30 Reasons why I’m Thankful to live in Round Rock
Day #6: The Round Rock

When I first moved here, someone told me there was an actual round rock the city was named after, I didn’t believe them. Seriously?  Someone got pretty creative and named the area after a rock?  Yeah right.  It took me 6 months of driving down Chisholm Trail until I realized I had be driving past said rock almost every day.

Ladies & Gentlemen – there very much is a round rock:

And it’s majestic. And big. And round. I can certainly see why this rock would stand out on the Chisholm Trail and be a marker for pioneers traveling through.  And I love the simplicity of it all.  Love that we are named after such a landmark.

History comes alive at the round rock.  You can just imagine Indians and Settlers crossing over the Brushy Creek at this low water crossing – coming upon our round rock.

On any given day, you will find folks clambering up to sit a top our famous rock. And when waters are down, it’s a fun place to go exploring in the creek.  No matter how many times we have seen the wagon ruts, my kids still act like it’s the coolest thing to find.

The “brush” along the Brush Creek offers several places of shade to sit and watch the children play.

Having an actual place to “see” where our name came from is pretty cool.  Maybe it’s just me – but I get a sense of pride driving by that big old rock.  Just another reason why I am thankful to live in Round Rock – because of our rock. 

Just a small disclosure here – I am not receiving any financial compensation to tell you what I am thankful for in Round Rock. I am simply telling you about places, objects, & opportunities that have blessed me & my family. 

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