Get a Walmart Gift Card for Trading in Your Child’s Car Seat

Wondering what to do with your child’s used car seat they have outgrown? Many donation centers won’t take them. You can sell them, but personally after my kids out grew theirs, they were pretty messy and not in the best shape to sell.

During the next few weeks, parents are encouraged to bring their used car seats (not booster seats) to their local Walmarts and receive a $30 gift card for their donation. My friend, Lauren Myers, tried it this morning, and it was was because of her post on Facebook that I learned about the program and wanted to pass it along to you!

photo courtesy Lauren Myers

From September 16-30, 2019, as part of Walmart’s “Best of Baby Month”, they are offering a $30 Walmart gift card when you recycle the car seat your child has outgrown. The fine print notes this is 2 car seats per I.D.

According to their website, all North Austin suburbs are participating in this program, but you can check here to see if your local Walmart is.

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