20 Online Easter Basket Ideas that Are Not Candy

Easter is upon us and with all the extra time on our hands, we can get creative with our kids’ Easter Baskets this year. Yes, candy is an easy go-to, and I’ll admit to adding a chocolate bunny to my kids’ baskets each year, but why not get a little creative too?

Check out these fun ideas that you can get ONLINE at Amazon, Walmart or Target (or even curbside). Best get shopping now to get them in time!

25 Online Easter Basket Ideas

Spring Time!

Get the kids out in the backyard with fun outdoor activities and games!

1.Giant Bubble Wands
2. Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards
3. Outdoor Sports Set
4. Kites
5. Backyard Exploration Critter Case


Grab a fun game or two to put in their basket. Some of our favorites include:

6. Exploding Kittens
7. Unstable Unicorns
8. What Do You Meme? Family Edition
9. Throw Throw Burrito
10. CodeNames

Pool Time!

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, create a basket to get everyone excited to swim.

11. Swimming Googles
12. Underwater Pool Toys
13. Pool Volleyball Game
14. Water Blaster Set
15. Swimming Mermaids

Creative Time!

Do your kids like creative time? Crafting? Get them some activity kits to get those creative juices flowing.

16. VSCO Girl Coloring Book
17. Metallic Pen Set
18. Suncatchers Window Art
19. Paint By Sticker Book
20. Rock Painting Kit

What other fun ideas have you come up with to fit your kids’ Easter Basket with?

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