International Tabletop Day at Rogue’s Gallery | April 30, 2016

Rogues Gallery presents International Tabletop Day on Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 12:30 PM – 9 PM.International Tabletop Day

It’s back! The annual celebration of board and card games from the fine folks at Tabletop returns for its fourth year, and Rogues Gallery will be hosting a day of demos and door prizes!

You can expect demos and games all day, with prizes and exclusive game pieces and cards to give away!

Here’s the schedule!

Castle Panic (Players will get ITTD 2016 promo towers)

Red Dragon Inn (Players will get Drink Cards featuring Grandma’s Sweat Stout of Titansgrave)

Awesome Kingdom (Players will get a Felicia Daywalker Promo Card)

Red Dragon Inn (Players will get Drink Cards featuring Grandma’s Sweat Stout of Titansgrave)

Boss Monster (The winner will get a Paper & Pixels bonus pack)

Epic Spell Wars (Players will get WilHellion and Dr. Hannah (Felicia’s Tabletop character) cards)

Birds of A Feather (Players will get OwlBear Promo Cards)
Machi Koro

Star Realms (Players will get Admiral Cards for Star Realms featuring the likeness of Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Matthew Mercer & Ivan Van Norman)
DC Deck-Building

Superfight Tournament! (Players will play in groups of 4-6, champions at each table will play a final tournament for a prize – the winner and first runner-up will earn the Geek & Sundry Superfight deck!)

On the day of, all the games being demoed (including their expansions) for International Tabletop Day will be 15% off!

All prizes listed are while supplies last. We’ll have more prizes for participants and onlookers as well! Schedule subject to change.


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