Maison Cuit French Bakery in Round Rock

Maison Cuit

My love for french pastries was only recently discovered as my only exposure to them was in a grocery store or frozen from a box.  Let’s face it y’all, there is not many fresh, French pastry shops in the Central Texas area……until now.

Last week, I was invited to visit Maison Cuit, and I discovered such a gem I almost want to keep it to myself.  Seriously, like the most amazing pastries I have ever tasted and I want them all, no sharing!!  But that’s not fair, I realize. Besides, my love for small business and helping expose unique places in Round Rock trumps my hording of the macarons.

Maison Cuit – home cooked in French – is a wonderful, home-based pastry shop in East Round Rock.  Chef Adriana King brings us her delicate pastries and custom cakes each week.  Her hours are limited, as she bakes small batches, ensuring the freshness.  And everything is made with organic, high quality ingredients. Was it good??  Oh yes! More about that later.

Chef King has an amazing background, as she served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years.  Not as a cook though. She went to culinary school after she got out and has worked in the hotel industry, as a private chef, and has previously owned a bakery.  She took a few years off to raise her children when a visit to a cafe in San Francisco inspired her to open Maison Cuit.  She loved to bake French pastries and knew there was nothing like what she could make in the North Austin area.

When Texas passed the Cottage Food law, allowing baked goods to be sold from the home (that do not require refrigeration), she knew it was the right time to open.  In April 2014, she started baking again, custom cakes and pastries, and in January opened Maison Cuit in her home.

Bake Sale Fridays


Each Friday, Maison Cuit opens it’s doors to the public for a “Bake Sale Friday”.  And it’s adorable – with a gorgeous display of baked goods that have been made especially for that day.  There is a bistro table and chairs and free coffee.  Right now, it is open only on Fridays from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Her clientele is local and she loves seeing her regular customers each Friday.  They never quite know what Chef King will be baking, but they know it will be good.

How was it?

I walked out of our appointment with a box filled with goodies.  I barely made it out of the neighborhood without pulling over to try a macaron.  They were sigh-worthy.  Simply put, it was the best macaron I have ever tasted, full of flavor an light and airy.  Two days later and I am still dreaming of these macarons.


The croissants were light and flakey.  The madeline was spongy and full of flavor.  The slice of lemon cake had the thick, pound cake taste with a delicious hint of lemon.  We put the french bread in the oven to heat it up a bit and just tore chunks off of it.  And the plum tart?  I’ve never tasted anything like it.  I was absolutely overwhelmed with how good EVERYTHING was.  There is nothing in Round Rock like this.  Really, I’m not exaggerating.


What else does she make?

Maison Cuit makes brioche, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and sticky buns.  She makes meringue cookies, homemade marshmallows and delicious single layer cakes. And she even creates a whole line of gluten-free pastries.


Maison Cuit also specializes in custom cakes for birthdays and special events.  Take a look at these gorgeous designs she can make for you.  She requires a 48 hour notice for cakes & custom orders.



Maison Cuit has hosted girl scout troops for classes & birthday parties.  At the Holidays, she had several gingerbread house making classes.  And most recently, she held a cupcake decorating class complete with fondant and edible spray paint – fancy!! Follow her Facebook account to see more events.

Thursday, March 19, 2015 Birthday Party

On Thursday, March 19, Chef King is inviting the public to share her birthday with her.  She is giving away FREE sandwiches & cupcakes on her birthday in honor of No Kid Hungry. She decided she wanted to  spend her birthday with “complete strangers”, so she is baking for ALL OF US!!  Please consider a $1 donation or a canned food item for donation. Check out more details here on her Facebook Page.

For now, take a friend and try a pastry one Friday morning.  Or stop by during your lunch hour and pick up some pastries and macarons to go.  Chef King has such a talent, I would love to see her business grow by leaps & bounds.  And frankly y’all, my waistline does not need to grow at the same speed, so please get there on Fridays before I do.  I think you will find that you will be craving Maison Cuit just about as much as I do right now.

Maison Cuit is located at 710 Firethorn Lane, RR, 78664. She is available for private tastings & orders on Saturdays.  And you may always call her at 512.994.4755 

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