RRISD Adds One More Day to the 2017-18 School Year

Round Rock ISD announced Thursday that they will be adding an additional school day to the 2017-2018 school year due to the make-up of the bad weather delay we experienced in September and the bad weather day in January. May 29, 2018 will now be a school day for all RRISD students, teachers, & staff.

In a letter that was sent out via email to Round Rock ISD parents, it was noted that the ISD is at a “deficit of total instructional minutes required by the state of Texas” and we will now need to make these minutes up with an additional school day.

Dear Round Rock ISD Community,

The inclement weather day on Tuesday, January 16, combined with a late start earlier in the school year due to heavy rains from Hurricane Harvey have placed Round Rock ISD at a deficit of total instructional minutes required by the state of Texas. This means we will need to utilize one of the bad weather makeup days indicated on our 2017-18 school calendar. May 29, originally designated as a teacher work day, will now be a regular school day for students and teachers.

House Bill 2610, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature, amended the Texas Education Code by striking language requiring 180 days of instruction and replacing this language with language requiring districts to operate for a minimum of 75,600 minutes beginning last school year. The bill also allows school districts and charter schools to add minutes as necessary to compensate for minutes of instruction lost due to school closures caused by disaster, flood, extreme weather conditions, etc.

This gives us the option of adjusting the school day, if absolutely necessary, in the event we have more closures due to extreme weather and run out of designated makeup days. Please know that the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. We closely monitor weather and road conditions when warranted and consult with emergency leaders around the region when making a decision on late starts and closures.

Thank you for your patiences and your support of Round Rock ISD schools.


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