Rockin’ Kids Club: Science featuring Leaf Litter at the Library | December 16, 2019

It’s science week at Round Rock Public Library! Elementary students, join us for some hands-on time to be curious and make discoveries as we bring back one of our most popular programs: Leaf Litter with the Good Water Master Naturalists on December 16 from 4:30 pm – 5:15 pm.

Piles of leaves are little ecosystems, teeming with life. We’ll poke through leaves looking for little critters, examine them under magnification, photograph and identify them. Along the way, we’ll learn about how fallen leaves are an important part of a landscape.

Every Monday afternoon the library hosts a rotating schedule of STEM activities for students in grades K-5. Here’s the regular rotation:

  • 1st Monday: LEGO® free-build
  • 2nd Monday: Art Club
  • 3rd Monday: Science Club
  • 4th Monday: Game On!
  • 5th Monday: Librarian’s Choice

For more information or to pre-register a group:

Contact Andrea Warkentin, 512-218-3275.

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