Adulting 101 Series For Teens: How To Earn College Scholarships | January 7, 2019

Meet us on January 7, 2020 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm for this presentation which will cover the advantages of going to college, types of scholarships, how to prepare to apply and to apply for scholarships, where to find scholarships, other ways to pay for college, and ways to keep student loans as low as possible. The presenter guided his daughter, who is a junior in college, to enable her to pay for all her college expenses on her own. Come hear how they were able to accomplish that.

Welcome to our series designed to help teens develop life skills and knowledge to transition to adulthood. We will have presenters on many topics the first Tuesday of every month, and our Winter/Spring series will run January – April.

Our presenter is Dean Allen who was able to retire six years ago at the age of 51, due to wise financial decisions. He enjoys sharing with young people how it was he was able to accomplish that during presentations, so they can do well with money and retire someday. He speaks at local high schools, colleges, and libraries. He is the author of the book: Make Me Rich: The Path to Financial Freedom for Your High School / College Student which is available to be checked out from the local author collection at The Round Rock Public Library.  

More information on his presentations can be found at his website.

For more information contact Jane Dance, 512.218.7012

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