GoGo squeeZ Donation to Backpack Coalition

In December, GoGo squeeZ, a nationally-known company for providing healthy snacks, made a donation of 5000 snacks to the Backpack Coalition.  The Backpack Coalition provides weekend meals to children in Round Rock who don’t have enough to eat on the weekend.

GoGo squeez donation to the Backpack Coalition

“It’s frightening that in Round Rock, which most people perceive is a pretty well-to-do suburb, 1 in 4 kids is not getting enough to eat on the weekend.” explains Backpack Coalition chairman of the board, Kathy Ford.

Backpack Coalition Chair Kathy Ford and Round the Rock TX’s Rebecca Darling

Every Friday, the Backpack Coalition goes into 22 schools in Round Rock and sends home seven small meals with 1100 children. The donation of 5000 GoGo squeeZ will help feed Round Rock children for several weeks.

I have been involved with the Backpack Coalition for a few years now, helping conduct a food drive through the Art of Giving in 2014 and participating in a 21-day challenge with Snap Kitchen in November of 2015, resulting in a $1500 donation to the Coalition.  This program is dear to my heart as I can not fathom that there are children in our city who don’t have food to eat.

Last Spring, I was invited to participate in the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Walt Disney World thru my travel site, R We There Yet Mom.  The conference resulted in a unique partnership with GoGo squeeZ. When they reached out to me last fall asking for ways we could partner locally together, I immediately thought of the Backpack Coalition.  They loved the idea of donating to this special organization and as soon as they heard the story & need we have in Round Rock, they upped their donation.

I have been blogging since 2012 and it’s moments like this – when connections with national brands to local organizations work – that make it all so fulfilling.  I am so appreciative of GoGo squeeZ and their donation.

GoGo Squeez donation to Backpack Coalition

How Can You Help the Backpack Coalition?

  1. Check out the Backpack Coalition Food List and organize a food drive.
  2. Cash Donation.  It costs a little less that $5 to provide 7 meals.  A $200 donation could feed one child all year.
  3. Volunteer to help distribute food at a local school on Fridays or help create food kits in their food pantry during the week.  Learn more here.

Backpack Coalition

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