Hometown Heroes Concert | September 25 & 26, 2020

A new kind of socially distant concert is coming to the Brushy Creek Amphitheater on Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26, 2020.

This LIVE event features a mix of live performers and live-streamed performances from 2 other locations in Texas.

The line-up of live performers for Brushy Creek Amphitheater include Stony Larue, Nelly, & Snoop Dog on Friday, September 25 and Randy Rogers Band, Josh Abbot, and Mike Ryan on Saturday, September 26.

Streamed performances on Friday, September 25 are Wade Bowen and Pat Green. And on Saturday, September 26, the live-streamed performances are Flatland Calvery and Cody Johnson.

Three LIVE PERFORMANCES per market plus two streamed performances during the set change! Combined, this makes ONE, great event per market with over five and a half hours of music plus a live opener in a socially distanced format! 

For more information & to purchase tickets, click here.

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