Interactive Map for RRISD Middle School Boundary Changes

Thanks to parent feedback, Round Rock ISD has developed an interactive map to understand & see the proposed middle school boundary changes better. Families can now search an interactive map to see how the proposed middle school attendance area changes could affect them.


After parents and community members asked for an improved map, Templeton Demographics worked with the Communications team to create a web page for families to look up their address and scan through the District to see the current and proposed middle school attendance areas. Families can access the map at

Round Rock ISD is currently in a public review of its proposal for 2017-18 middle school attendance area changes. The review period extends through October 13.

All information on the attendance area change proposal can be found at

Changes to attendance areas will be limited to middle schools and will not include elementary or high schools. Students will continue to attend their assigned elementary and high schools as currently zoned.

After collecting public feedback on the demographer’s proposal, the District will present its administrative recommendation at the October 20 regular meeting before the Board votes on that recommendation at its November 17 regular meeting.

Click here for more information on the proposed plan.

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