Maison Cuit Bakery Opens in Round Rock, TX

Maison Cuit, a new bakery in northwest Round Rock opened recently. Here is a sampling of what they offer.

Maison Cuit Bakery

Maison Cuit recently opened their bakery at 10 Chisholm Trail Rd, just north of the round rock.  They are a “made from scratch boutique” that specializes in small batches of French Patisserie and simple American cakes and tea. Small batches means she takes the time to carefully craft these delicious bits of goodness – but it also means she will only have a select few of each item.  She does not mass produce – and that’s what makes it so special…..and delicious.

Maison Cuit fruit tart

Last week, Maison Cuit hosted a Grand Opening Social Fête at their new bakery.  A line was out the door for a little over 2 and a half hours – until she sold out of everything.  I was there and made a point of asking everyone what they thought.  Everyone – I kid you not – EVERYONE raved about it.  If only expressions could be summed into words!

Maison Cuit scones

Maison Cuit will feature several breakfast goodies – croissants, quiches, scones, bread, and desserts- cupcakes, cheesecakes, fruit tarts, rum cake, and macarons.

Maison Cuit macaronsY’all – I have had MANY macarons in my lifetime as they are one of my favorite desserts.  And Maison Cuit’s macarons are among the BEST I have ever had. And she makes the most inventive flavors – Nutella, Mocha, Raspberry, Blueberry – they are all delightful.

Maison Cuit

Maison Cuit has both indoor and outdoor seating – perfect for a group to go and enjoy a cup of tea and a pastry together.  They also offer several different teas – like dozens of different flavors – and will be hosting full tea services, complete with sandwiches.

Maison Cuit crossiant

They also make homemade goodies – like marshmallows, shortbread cookies, and toffee – to take home with you.

Maison Cuit

As a new local business, I am thrilled that Maison Cuit is now open.  I hope that Round Rock will embrace this new bakery and stop in over the next few weeks to try her amazing treats.  You won’t be disappointed!

Maison Cuit

Maison Cuit

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