Make Your Own Thinking Putty at Kaleidoscope | March 16, 2016

thinking putty

Make Your Own Custom-Color Thinking Putty at Kaleidoscope Toys!

Wednesday, March 16 2016, 10:30 am or 2:30 pm

*Tickets required



Create your own custom-colored Thinking Putty!

You’ll start with clear putty, and then add your choice of concentrated color putty to mix your favorite hue!

Add some special effects to your custom blend to make it sparkle or glow.  Decorate your putty as you like!  

Then, personalize a special Thinking Putty tin to keep it in.

Your new one-of-a-kind Thinking Putty will never dry out, so you can squish, squeeze and roll your new creation forever.


Choose a time: 10:30am or 2:30 pm:

Click here to buy a ticket for 10:30am!

Click here to buy a ticket for 2:30pm!


Kaleidoscope Toys
110 N Interstate 35 Ste. 375
Round Rock, TX
512- 388- 5048

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