Spring Carnival at Dell Diamond

We are THRILLED to announce that The Mighty Thomas Carnival is BACK in town!

They will be here starting Thursday, March 24, and running through Saturday, April 2, at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock!  There is no charge for parking, and no gate admission fee.  Ride wristbands will cost $30. (There is a Round the Rock exclusive $4 off Coupon further down in the article!)

The wristband schedule is below.  Note that due to longer operating hours on Saturday and Sunday there are two different wristbands on those days; a day session and a night session.

Thursday, March 24: 5-10:30 pm

Friday, March 25: 5-11:30 pm

Saturday, March 26: 1-7 OR 5-11:30 pm

Sunday, March 27: 1-7 OR 5-10:30 pm

Monday, March 28: 5-10:30 pm

Tuesday, March 29: 5-10:30 pm

Wednesday, March 30: 5-10:30 pm

Thursday, March 31: 5-10:30 pm

Friday, April 1: 5-11:30 pm

Saturday, April 2: 1-7 OR 5-11:30 pm

Save $4 off of a Wristband with this Round the Rock Exclusive Coupon!

Welcome in Spring with The Mighty Thomas Carnival, we are so excited they are back!

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