Penfold Theatre Presents The Control Group: A Mission in Time

While no one is going out to see theatrical productions during the pandemic, Round Rock’s Penfold Theatre is evolving and bringing theater into our homes!

Penfold Theatre presents The Control Group: A Mission in Time – a production that comes to you over the telephone over 5 days and allows you to participate in the experience.

From their website:

The Control Group: A Mission in Time is a new, week-long theatrical experience you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

You’ve been contacted by Dr. DeSouza, the director of a mysterious government agency called the Control Group, which is responsible for protecting the flow of time. An accident in the future threatens to erase existence as we know it, and the Control Group needs your help to stop it!

Your experience will begin when you receive a dossier in the mail from the Control Group containing clues you’ll need to unravel the mystery. Then, you’ll receive a phone call from Dr. DeSouza at the same time every day for five days. Over these calls, you’ll discuss the case; hear reports from field agents at various times in history; and make new discoveries to save Time Stream.

With your help, we can repair the damage that’s been done. All of our futures depend on it.

The Control Group: A Mission in Time tickets are $27.50.


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