The Great Math Mystery Movie

Too often we hear students complain that “Math is boring!” and we would like to change this mindset. Math is not only useful, but is also fascinating intertwined with the very fabric of our universe! With this fun, relaxed “movie night” style event, we hope to share just how interesting math can be and inspire students to be curious and active learners when faced with mathematical concepts in school and their everyday lives.

Join Grade Power Learning, Round Rock at the Round Rock Public Library (meeting room A), on Saturday 02/13/15 @ 2 pm, when they will show the highly acclaimed movie: “The Great Math Mystery” interwoven with short discussions.

This event is recommended for students in 6th Grade and above. Water, popcorn, and (nut-free) cookies will be provided.

More info on “The Great Math Mystery” below:

“Join NOVA on a mathematical mystery tour—a provocative exploration of math’s astonishing power across the centuries. We discover math’s signature in the swirl of a nautilus shell, the whirlpool of a galaxy, and the spiral in the center of a sunflower. Math was essential to everything from the first wireless radio transmissions to the prediction and discovery of the Higgs boson and the successful landing of rovers on Mars. Astrophysicist and writer Mario Livio, along with a colorful cast of mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, follow math from Pythagoras to Einstein and beyond. It all leads to the ultimate riddle: Is math a human invention or the discovery of the language of the universe?”

Pre-registration is required for this free program.

For more information please contact Glen Mathias, Grade Power Learning Round Rock, 512-265-2448.

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