Visual Health Awareness For Families at the Library | March 14, 2020

Teen Advisory Board member Soham Govande is presenting following our Saturday, Family Storytime on March 14, 2020 from 11:30 am – 11:45 am.

The aim is to increase awareness of visual health for children. Several topics will be discussed:

  • The importance of sight
  • The basic anatomy and physiology of the eye
  • Important precautions for eye safety
  • Why screen time should be limited 
  • Warning signs/symptoms of myopia and other visual disorders

 Information will be made easy to understand for parents and younger audiences. Coloring sheets and take home kits of sunglasses and other fun toys will be provided!


Soham Govande is a health science student at Round Rock High School. Severe myopia runs in his family, so he has experienced first hand the effects of poor vision, especially in school during his childhood at school. Hence, he is deeply passionate about improving the quality of life for those affected by visual impairments by creating awareness about this issue. By making information about eye health and wellness more accessible, he hopes to help a broader audience get access to eye care.

For more information contact Jane Dance, 512.218.7012

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