Williamson County Jester County Annex Art Reception – March 13, 2015

Round Rock Arts presents an Art Reception on Friday, March 13, 2015 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.

Round Rock Arts showcases at the Williamson County Jester County Annex an art exhibit from February 15 to April 15. Exhibitors are Janet Oh-Photographer, Micheal Hammons and Nelda Sheets -Painters.

Janet Oh is not only a painter, but she also is a 4-star photographer…and she even prints her own. Micheal Hammons will be the highlight of this show. Not only is he bringing his wonderful and beautiful paintings, he is bringing a story of his experience on a trip to Haiti as a missionary with his church where he spoke to and worked for the Haitian deaf people. He will have some painting of that trip to Haiti. Nelda Sheets has been inspired by several creative geniuses. Some she has met in books, some in the classroom; such as Dord Fitz, her art professor of over 30 years. Professor Fitz taught his students painting skills, with an emphasis on the art of creative thinking methods. Come and meet these Round Rock artists.

The “Meet the Artists” will include a talk about artist’s work and a chance for the audience to ask questions. Micheal will speak about his experience in Haiti.

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