Hometown Gift & Decor

When deciding what the next chapter of her life would be, owner and longtime Round Rock resident, Jessica Duarte, knew two things for certain about her dream of opening a decor boutique. One, it had to offer unique, one-of-a-kind products and two, it had to be local.

Jessica partnered with two long-time friends, Amber Markee and Celise Ketch (also Round Rock residents) to make their dreams a reality. After a month of these three amazing women mapping out a business venture, the perfect spot opened up. Right downtown, the historic D.B. Gregg house, within walking distance of restaurants and stores, directly across the street from the beautiful Woodbine Mansion, now sits Hometown Gift & Decor. The name and the location combine for a lovely shop that seems truly meant to be.

Hometown’s Front Porch, complete with rocking chairs-
inviting you for a chat and some people watching.

When walking through the simple yet elegantly painted door, it’s easy to feel like you’re at home. The owners beam with pride as they describe all of the locally made products that fill their shelves. Gifts for brides, parents, babies, truly anyone on your list (don’t forget yourself!) overflow the tables, shelves and benches perfectly positioned for an afternoon stroll around the shop–yes, even your fur baby has a section!

The building itself seems as if it found its next chapter, as well, showing off its gleaming original 1920’s wood floors and gorgeous shiplap walls, that were only recently discovered after knocking down a wall. Grays, whites and blacks create a pallet that allows the colors of the products to shine. There is a baby/toddler room with lines of clothing so incredibly soft and inviting, they are sure to make your little ones smile. As boy moms, the owners paid close attention to adding a baby boy line of clothing that is fit for your little prince.

Around every turn there is something beautiful and whimsical that meets the eye. You are certain to find great gifts for any occasion.

In addition to the products for sale, the owners have event plans in the works and want to make a destination where friends and family can truly enjoy each other’s company.

There is even a backyard with benches and a swing, perfect for entertaining and creating memories. Stay tuned for events and other promotions that these three talented businesswomen are dreaming up!

Backyard firepit conversation area, complete with swing.

Hometown Gifts & Decor is located at 400 East Main Street in Downtown Round Rock. The shop opens officially on April 8th. Their Grand Opening event info can be found here.

Their normal business hours will be Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

Welcome to Round Rock, Hometown Gift & Decor!

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