Penfold Theatre presents “An Iliad” | February 16-26, 2017.

Penfold Theatre presents “An Iliad” at Austin Scottish Rite Theatre from February 16-26, 2017.


“Every time I sing this song, I hope it’s the last time,” says the Poet as he digs deep to sing an epic story of war, honor, love, violence and the Greek siege of Troy. He’s told his story for centuries, conjuring the heroes and battles for different cultures and eras. Now in the shadow of war in Afghanistan and Syria, he unleashes the story’s power for a modern audience.

Homer’s tale has never been more engaging than in this tour-de-force solo performance. Adapted from Robert Fagles’ revelatory translation, and underscored with original music by local Austin composer Seth Osborn, AN ILIAD captures both the grandeur of legendary events that have captured the western imagination for millennia – and an intimacy that makes the story searingly immediate and relevant.
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