REI Free Travel Photo Basics | February 17, 2016

6:30 PM  –  8:00 PM @ Round Rock REI

Travel photo

 Course Description:

Ever come back from an amazing travel experience and made your friends and family sit through a slideshow of hundreds of mediocre photos? In our Travel Photography class, you will learn the fine art of travel photography with your point and shoot or smart phone camera. Learn to set your alarm early, and adapt to whatever conditions you find on your adventure. Learn how to approach people, choose the right lenses, and come back from your next trip with beautiful frame-worthy images. The instructor will teach you the art of visual storytelling, aesthetics, and photographic design.You will learn the functions of the camera, basic exposure and composition techniques, and those important “apps” that will help push your photos to the next level. We will also discuss popular image sharing sites and ways to print your beautiful images! Please bring your fully charged camera or smartphone.

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