Urban Xcursion | April 21, 2018

Round Rock Parks and Recreation are hosting their 2nd Annual Urban Xcursion on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Urban Xcursion

X marks the spot! The Urban Xcursion is a citywide scavenger hunt intended to highlight the beautiful and unique charms of Round Rock. Xcursion Teams will be sent on the journey of a lifetime and battle it out for an entire day to complete challenges and the obstacles presented.  Challenge destinations will include but are not limited to local businesses, city parks, trails, entertainment and shopping attractions throughout Round Rock.  These Urban Xcursion memories will be captured and submitted through a team member’s Instagram account.  If you think you have what it takes to conquer the impossible and take the glory, your Urban Xcursion awaits. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of prizes can be found in the buried treasure, hurry you’ll miss out if you don’t register now!   $10 per person.

Urban Xcursion is fun for family and friends! Winners will get hundreds of dollars in prizes! A Big day of fun awaits all who depart on The Urban Xcursion. Maximum team size is up to 6 people. Must state your Team Captain, $10 per person. Ages: 2+

Register HERE

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