Why Shop the Rock?

When I first created ‘Round the Rock, I did it to show everyone all the amazing resources and fun we have up here.  But the more I worked on it, and the more I got to know local business owners, I found more reasons to love Round Rock.

Round Rock is a community filled with local businesses and franchisees, all working hard to bring something unique to our city.  And that is why I am so happy to support them all…and think you should too!

Here are SIX Reasons Why You Should Shop in Round Rock:

Reason #1 – Building Community: The casual encounters you enjoy at neighborhood businesses and the public spaces around them build relationships and local cohesiveness.  There is a different type of customer service that can be experienced with a local business that you don’t get online.  They are the ultimate social networking site.

Reason #2 – Economic Vitality: Each dollar you spend at a Round Rock business returns 3 times more money to our local economy than one spent elsewhere. Also, local businesses employ locally, thereby creating jobs in Round Rock.

Reason #3 – Character: Why did you choose to live here? What keeps you? Unique, local businesses help give our community its one-of-a-kind personality that attracts others to our area.  From toy shops to book stores to wine bars and dinner/movie houses, Round Rock has creative & fun businesses.

Reason #4 – A Healthier Environment: Independent, community-serving businesses are people-sized. They consume less land, carry more locally-made products, and located closer to residents, creating less traffic and pollution.

Reason #5 – Lower Taxes: Local businesses put less demand on our roads, sewers, and safety services  and generate more tax revenue per sales dollar, helping keep your taxes lower.

Reason #6: – A Better Place to Live: Tax revenue generated from local businesses helps pay to maintain our streets, build better parks, and protect us with our police and fire departments. It pays for our awesome library and creating fun events like Family Christmas Night.

Initiatives like Shop the Rock, created to help promote “shopping in Round Rock”, bring awareness to all the benefits of shopping locally.  In fact, they created this great explanation as to how our tax dollars are spent here – if this doesn’t make you want to spend all your dollars in Round Rock, I don’t know what will:

For me, supporting local businesses instils a sense of pride in my community.  Yes, it is easier to hop on the internet to buy what I need, but I don’t get that customer experience that I enjoy receiving when I shop at my local Round Rock.  And shopping local doesn’t mean you only go to the small, independent  businesses, everyone benefits when you shop at a Round Rock business.

I hope this gives you food for thought – please consider sharing this information with others – let’s spread the info, support Round Rock, and continue to watch this amazing community thrive!

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