Great Gift for Dad! Your Answer for Summertime Family Fun!


Want to be the life of the party this year? We have officially reached that point in the year where the weather is great and outdoor parties are getting revved up.

We are always looking for fun things to do around town and today is no different! But today we will share a very different kind of activity for you to enjoy with family and friends. We are excited to introduce you to a backyard game company called! We bought some of their premium games to play at home with our family and today we share the details with you. was founded in 2008 and offers a variety of games for indoor or outdoor play. The founder of the company fell in love with a game called Kubb (more on that in a bit) and couldn’t find a high-quality set in the US market, so he made one for himself. One thing led to another and was founded on the basis of being focused on family fun. Right away, we noticed that the products are not the cheap knock-offs available at discount retailers. They are instead made from high quality materials designed to last for the long haul, giving you years of enjoyment.

As mentioned above, they have a flagship product called “Kubb” (pronounced “KOOB”) that is centuries old and dates back to the era of the Vikings!  How cool is that? Anyway, Kubb is played by splitting into two teams and taking turns throwing a wooden dowel at the pieces until one side knocks over the king and wins. Definitely a lot of fun and worth checking out. Here is a video that shows the game play: Kubb Game Premium Set – YouTube

We so tried out another product called Giant 4, which is an awesome backyard version of the popular Connect 4 game. It was extremely easy to put together. We tried this on the patio and had a blast. Here is a video showing Giant 4: Giant 4 Connect in a Row – YouTube has many other products for hours of fun for parties, barbecues, beaches, tailgating, or just a small family backyard setting. Check out their Giant Yard Pong or Putter Pong, both of which could be enjoyed with, ahem, an adult beverage or two (or more). also offers a giant version of Jenga, a Giant Ring Toss, Giant Yard Dice, Bocce’ Ball, Cornhole, Ladder Toss, and many other great options. They can even customize some of the games with your own logo or text. So much fun to be had! Many of the products will ship for free and there is no sales tax for deliveries to Texas. Both games we tried came with sturdy carrying cases, perfect for camping or trips to the coast. Check them out!!

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