USAF Thunderbirds Cockpit View from Central Texas Flyover

Last Wednesday, the USAF Thunderbirds flew over the skies of Central Texas – both over San Antonio and Austin. We were thrilled to see them honoring our Healthcare Professionals and enjoyed all the photographs and videos posted by readers on our Facebook page.

We thought these videos that show a birds-eye view from the cockpits of the Thunderbird jets were amazing and wanted to make sure to share it with all of you.

Thunderbirds Cockpit Video over San Antonio

This compilation video includes some incredible footage of the pilots’ perspective flying over San Antonio on Wednesday. It also shows the speed and the closeness of the other jets.

Thunderbirds Cockpit Video over Austin

This video was posted by Maj. Trevor Aldridge, a 2008 Texas A&M graduate and Wichita Falls native, who was one of the pilots in the air on Wednesday. Check out his incredible in-flight video of the flyover over Austin on his Instagram page.

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🤠💪🏼 TEXAS STRONG! It was an honor to fly this mission over my home state of Texas. This pandemic has required a lot of sacrifices, but Texans have grit. I’m proud of our state and I know that we will come out of this pandemic strong. The flight today has some uniquely fun moments, we saw multiple people in the beds of their pickups jumping up and down waiving American and Texan flags! It’s a perfect example of why I love Texas so much. Thank you to everyone in Texas for the sacrifices you have made the past few months. A particular thank you to the front line workers who have been putting their lives on the line to fight this virus. Remember that as Texans and as Americans we are all in this together. Love y’all.

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