30 Days of Virtual Field Trips

We found so many museums, zoos, landmarks, national parks, and business that offer free virtual field trips for you and your family!

Ever wanted to see Old Faithful blow or visit with the Pandas from the San Diego Zoo? Or maybe you’d like to

Here are 30 days of virtual field trips for you to take!

Day 1: San Diego Zoo

Day 2: Johnson Space Center

Day 3: The Louve in France

Day 4: Apple Orchard Tour

Day 5: Carlsbad Cavern National Park


Day 6: Georgia Aquarium Livecams

Day 7: Hubble Control Center

Day 8: Guggenheim Museum in New York City

Day 9: Dairy Farm Tour

Day 10: Kenai Fjords National Park


Day 11: Saint Louis Aquarium Live Cams

Day 12: Pharmaceutical Lab Tour

Day 13: The National Gallery in the UK

Day 14: Mars via NASA

Day 15: Bryce Canyon National Park


Day 16: Polar Bears in the Tundra

Day 17: Colonial Williamsburg

Day 18: Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands

Day 19: The Great Wall of China

Day 20: Hawaii Volcano National Park


Day 21: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Day 22: Space Shuttle Discovery

Day 23: National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Day 24: The Secret Life of Corals

Day 25: Yosemite National Park


Day 26: Smithsonian National Zoo Webcams

Day 27: Ellis Island

Day 28: All About Shakespeare

Day 29: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Day 30: Yellowstone National Park

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